Why Add on Cooling Should be Your First Choice

Indoor cooling becomes invaluable during the hotter than hot summers in Melbourne. You may want to consider making use of add on cooling. You can say that an add on cooler is a little more than just a single fan coil that is installed under your floor, or in the ceiling, hooked to a c
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Time to Replace Your Heating and Cooling Units in Melbourne

At some point or another, your heating and cooling system will either fail, or start malfunctioning. Whenever this starts happening, you know that it is time to either get your heating and cooling unit repaired, or replaced. Now, it is a case of making up your mind whether you intend
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Cheap Cooling Systems aren’t Always Inefficient and Uncomfortable

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) have set specific energy efficiency standards for new homes. Residential buildings that get at least 5 stars under the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) are considered ideal. With more stars scored, the property is more thermally comf
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Shopping for Split-System Airconditioning: Cool on Your Home & Wallet

The passage of summer can stretch your existing airconditioning systems to the limit. In some cases, the prevailing weather conditions might even prompt you to replace your AC with a more modern rig like a split-type. An article by the Air Conditioning Dealer Association provides some
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That’s Cool: Some Cheap Cooling Tips This Summer to Save on Energy

Summer… Who doesn’t love it? It’s the time of the year to escape the cold winter weather and even hit the beach. Sometimes, however, the heat may become too unbearable and people may opt to stay indoors in the comfort of their homes. Danny Lipford, a home improvement expert, say
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Just Keeping It Cool: Celebrating the Technology of Airconditioning

Since its inception, reliable airconditioning has been immensely helpful in keeping people cool during periods of hot weather, especially when electric fans weren’t enough. It has become a must-own technology, so much so that it can be found everywhere from houses and stores to cars,
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Maximise the Cheap Cooling Effect of Water to Survive the Aussie Heat

Everybody loves the warmth of summertime, but in a country where the temperatures soar practically all year round, it’s best to find creative and cheap cooling methods to maintain a comfortable environment at home. Alex Kuchel, Assistant Marketing Manager for Australian Outdoor Living
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When your Trusty Airconditioning System Needs to be More Efficient

Some people can spend sums on upgrading their homes with the best centralised airconditioning systems around, especially through companies like Mode Heating and Cooling. The thing is, you need to make every last dollar you invested count. Sydney Morning Herald personal finance editor
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Ducted Cooling Systems and Other Energy-Efficient Cooling Solutions

Coal or no coal? That’s a question that many government officials in Australia have to ask themselves in light of a recent report from UN climate change experts. The following excerpt from The Guardian summarizes what the Australian government plans to do about coal usage and green en
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Preparing for Summer: A Guide to Replacing Your Airconditioning System

Melbourne was recently subjected to a preview of the upcoming summer season. Below is a recap of the recorded temperatures, courtesy of The Herald Sun:
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